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RFPKJ – Two years removed from college, alumnus of a small liberal arts school, living in Boston, working a job that lacks any mental rigor and generally feeling the malaise of the post-collegiate economic squeeze of the last two years, I decided I needed an intellectual outlet to talk about issues close to my heart. An avid Economist reader, Taegan Goddard’s Politicalwire subscriber, lover of undiscovered music and neophyte sommelier; I just missed the discourse, variety and cerebral aggrandizement of education way too much. I was already exchanging news stories of the day, words of the day, idioms of the day, etc. with AWC so I figured why not expand that into something bigger? So here I am, Cocktail Fodder realized. I’m so glad it was.

AWC – Two years out of college, living in New York City, working at a wine shop in the East Village, and volunteering at an organization affiliated with the United Nations, I wanted to start blogging about topics and issues that mattered to me. I watch inordinate amounts of soccer, drink wine, read foreign affairs and listen to a litany of podcasts and world music. Why not share some of this cocktail fodder knowledge with the general blogosphere and see where it takes me? So RFPKJ and I hatched this idea, finally got our act together and put this darn thing up on the web. I’m happy with what we’ve started with and hope we can build on it.

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