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The Birthers Just Don’t Quit

As we’ve already discussed at the Fodder, America seems to be a on a path of divergence so drastic that the gap between left and right is becoming too cavernous to bridge. This article is about the issue that perfectly epitomizes this divide…

The 2008 election brought out the worst in average Americans with polarizing ideologies; threats, hate crimes, slurs, etc. One of the more volatile and ludicrous theories, and flabbergastingly the one with the most staying power, to emerge from Election 2008 was the notion that President Obama was not born in the United States. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason, or reasons, for the traction that this rumor gained during the campaign. Most likely though, it was one part internet sensationalism, one part fear and one part Lou Dobbs; a good recipe for any absurdity to permeate a citizenry. Whatever the reason was, the Birther movement was born.

It's where it's supposed to be, in Honolulu.

Bizarrely, going on two years into the President’s term, the Birther movement may be getting stronger. Yesterday, the petulant Senator David Vitter, of scandalous infamy, was caught on video disgustingly backing progressing conservative lawsuits (just one example) challenging the legality of the President’s citizenship. We’re way past the stage of mincing words on this subject. When the Birther movement was in its nascent state, it was not taken seriously by the Obama campaign. As the story gained legs, the campaign released (acrimoniously?) a digitally scanned copy of the then candidate’s birth certificate. That should have been that. The Hawaiian State Department of Health confirmed, twice (TWICE!!), that the certificate was authentic. What more do people need? Are we to conclude the whole federal government and state government of Hawaii are involved in a massive conspiracy covering up the true birthplace of PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama II? That is over two million federal employees alone. That must have been one well-written memo getting everyone onboard the conspiracy train. Really, how is the Administration even supposed to prove to people, who believe so ardently in an illogical idea, that President Obama was born in the United Sates? Make photocopies of the birth certificate and send it to everyone who identifies as a Birther? I can hear it now, “THIS is a government fake! They made it up. He was born in Kenya! He was born in Indonesia! He was born in Russia!” As we like to say at the Fodder, “Just get better.”

The Seal of the most powerful man in the world. It MUST command respect, no matter what party or background one comes from.

In all of my political and international affairs posts, I try to keep a levelheaded, unbiased approach to reporting issues that we believe should be talked about. This, however, is a different subject. I have no use for it. Once upon a time, the Presidential seal demanded respect. When did that change? President Obama is the legally elected President of this great United States of America. That is a fact and the end of the story for me. Love it or hate it, that’s how it should be. It sadly isn’t.

What is clear is that there are right-wing, fringe nut-jobs that will not let the birthplace issue rest. They have a mission and they will go down swinging. Unfortunately, it seems that they will aided and abetted by irresponsible members of Congress. I say irresponsible because it is irresponsible. There is no upside in debating this issue. This is not a way to rigorously debate topics – the economy, unemployment, national debt, social security, two ongoing wars – that are plaguing our country in a time of crisis. It’s democratically damaging. It’s bad for the process and our national psyche. So I say, with all seriousness, shame on Senator Vitter, Rep. Trent Franks, Lou Dobbs, Fox News and all the rest of the media, politicians and demagogues that keep dragging this issue to national attention. This country does not need such nonsense.

Here’s a cute clip from Fox News. Not really putting the issue to rest are you Anne Coulter?

  1. July 13, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    I am not what you would call a birther, just an average Joe living from paycheck to pay check, seems all my investments evaporated during the meltdown but I digress.

    The document you call a birth certificate is in factual reality a certificate of live birth issued by the state of Hawaii at his mother’s request when she returned from overseas so please do not mislead me or others with spin. There is an abundance of circumstantial evidence including eyewitness reports from villagers that (p)Resident Obama was indeed born out of the country.

    All a certificate of live birth proves is that you were born, the documents do not hold up to scrutiny when viewed by expert witnesses. This is an old argument and thankfully, in 932 days there will be a new occupant in the Whitehouse as Obama has truly destroyed the United States of America with his accelerated spending and out of control borrowing to finance wars.

    The office of the President is what commands respect, the man/woman that occupies that office must earn the respect of the people while occupying the office. Violating the Constitution on numerous occasions as he has done diminishes any respect he may deserve, as the Constitution and the people of America define the nation, not the President.

    Your argument is weak, after 24 months in office, the national economy has worsened and he has had many opportunities to correct the misgivings of his predecessor through legislative changes and has failed at every opportunity to do so. He has failed to protect the borders from invasion, as proof is being held back that extremists are in fact crossing from Mexico. Arizona law enforcement officials receive death threats daily from drug cartels. Obama’s response? Suing Arizona for upholding the 10th amendment.

    The American people careless about international issues, domestic issues are critically more important than illegal wars, middleclass Americans are the new disenfranchised and the discontent throughout the population is rising. The old style of politics is dying as Americans wake up to the corruption in both houses as nothing of any real benefit to the American people has been passed into legislation in the past 24 months. The only consensus in the American population is change is coming, and the electors will make that abundantly clear in November.

  2. Don't Worry About It
    July 13, 2010 at 3:13 pm


    I have a question for you? Have you ever worked in the food service industry? Have you ever worked as a bartender? Or better yet, have you ever worked in any position involving a cash register? You may be asking yourself, “what does this have to do with anything?!” It has a lot to do with everything. I am making this counter argument in response to your comment that, “after 24 months in office, the national economy has worsened and he has had many opportunities to correct the misgivings…” blah blah blah blah.

    Back to my point. I asked if you ever worked at a cash register to see if you could relate to what I’m saying. If you have, then you would know that when you start a new shift or take over an old register, you always start fresh – you always get a “clean” drawer. Why is this? Well, lets say an incompetent worker (maybe one who got the register position because their father once had the job…you know a “privileged” worker) had the drawer before you. And lets say this incompetent worker (lets just randomly call him…oh I don’t know…George) had no system for regulating the cash transactions. Lets say George just spent a SHIT TON of money on…hmm…a no need water-balloon fight (a “war” if you would). And George also tricked people at the register and gave money to his friends. George was careless and just spent the money. When the time comes, George’s shift ends. And now, it’s your turn to take over Georges drawer. So, when you go to start your shift, you want to make sure that you get a “clean” drawer. A drawer that has an exact amount of money in it -because lets face it RJBLACK, it is the absolute WORST when you get blamed for someone else’s mistakes. Doesn’t it suck when management or co-workers blame you for shit you didn’t do? Or even worse, when people seem to just “forget” all the dumb shit a guy in the office like George does in the first place? RJBLACK, I’m a hard working American, and I’ll be dammed if I get blamed for someone else’s shit. Can’t you relate to that?

    Now, can you start to see where I’m going with this? Do you? I really hope so. Because I’m not just talking about Obama with this next point. I’m talking about all presidents that have served this beautiful country. President’s don’t get “new” drawers. The US economy and all of its problems don’t “reset” with the changing of the guards.

    Because if you actually think, a newly elected president can enter office and simply, “correct the misgivings of his predecessor through legislative changes” within the first two years of office, then you sir/madam are an idiot. Simply put, an idiot that clearly has no understanding just how complex and difficult it is to make legislative changes. And furthermore, if you think all of the problems with the American economy COULD in fact be changed in a two year span, then you are an even BIGGER idiot than I thought.

    So please, do me a favor: try to not sound like an absolute moron. Thanks.

    Yours kindly,

    An Educated American.

  3. Don't Worry About It
    July 13, 2010 at 3:33 pm


    And another thing. Remember back in 2001 when the Supreme Court gave Bush the presidency? Remember when all the “hippie liberals” tried to count the ballots and get Gore in office? Remember all the bitching and whining? What happened? Hmmmm….last time I checked NOTHING happened, and Bush was President.

    Do you think ANYTHING will happen with this birth certificate bullshit? NO. And even if it does, do you ACTUALLY think a trial will be completed within a two year span? Do you ACTUALLY think Obama will be impeached within his 4 year term?

    If you a) believe any of that will ACTUALLY HAPPEN then you are b) A MORON.

    May I make a suggestion? Stop being a jackass. Obama is President. Move on.

  4. July 13, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    I do remember 2001 and we both agree that the presidency was indeed stolen from Al Gore. I too was upset and realized at that time the system was severely broken and the Constitution was of no value to the “winner”.

    I am neither a Republican nor Democrat I am a patriot first and believe in the rights of people over institutions something this President has clearly demonstrated he disagrees with.

    I applaud you for your passion in supporting the President, you stand by your convictions so we agree to disagree and open dialogue without derogatory callous attacks is something both parties in this country seem unable to accomplish, as the true art of debate apparently is a lost on professional politicians.

    Your analogy on the cash register was somewhat simple so I shall expand if you post this reply.

    What you fail to realize at the end of the day, the money must be accounted for, shortages and overages must be reconciled to balance the books so there is operating funds for the next business day, you cannot have outages consistently or you go broke. When a new owner enters the picture, he/she has access to the books and understands the overall financial health of the enterprise. That is what a President elect is supposed to do prior to taking office, understand the financial health of the country.

    Economics is simple, you have accounts receivable and accounts payable, the principals are the same in business and government, if payables exceed receivables, then there is a problem and it must be addressed and borrowing more money to accomplish that is a sign to most bankers that the country or business is in trouble.

    I could care less if Obama serves out his term; the next President will be weaker because of the compounding interest payments and the amount of foreign debt held by other countries who at anytime are free to drop the dollar into money markets that America would never recover from. The peso would be worth more that is the reality of having China finance two current wars the American people cannot afford.

    If you accurately understand big picture economics then you clearly realize that the country is unable to sustain the new debt the current administration is accumulating and world markets are starting to reflect this reality with talk of a new benchmark currency. China holds 800 billion in American debt and currently has a three trillion dollar reserve in other currencies and is purchasing every ounce of gold it can. China is in a position to dump every USDA it has with no harm to its economy, so get the President to focus on the real issues he promised.

    In addition, while he is at it, maybe do a complete and full audit on the Federal Reserve, how a private central bank is capable of controlling a nation’s money supply without a full audit is beyond comprehension.


  5. July 13, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Moreover, no I do not actually think the president can reverse the quagmire in two years, but with the majority he enjoyed he could have made inroads in that 24-month period. There is more than enough blame to throw around and that is the problem, both parties blame each other and fail to compromise on any meaningful legislation period.

  6. Not a birther
    July 19, 2010 at 10:20 pm


    It is a shame the writer of this article has no actual grasp of the facts. Particularly with his insistence that the Fodder has gone over the issue before. There is no need to go into details – anyone who still doesn’t know the actual facts concerning what Obama posted has no intention of educating themselves.

    This is 100% factually incorrect:

    “The Hawaiian State Department of Health confirmed, twice (TWICE!!), that the certificate was authentic.”

    A-What Obama posted is not a certificate – it’s a digital image of a certifiCATION that a birth certificate exists somewhere. Yes, the difference matters.

    B-Dr Fukino has never – as in not once or even “TWICE!!” – commented on what Obama posted online even though she was asked multiple times to do so between her first and second statements.

    C-What she vouched for and what Obama posted online are two distinctly different things.

    D-In her first statement, Dr Fukino stated she had seen Obama’s “original birth certificate”. In her second, she changed the wording to “original vital recordS” meaning they do not have a copy of his original birth certificate and/or the original birth certificate was not enough to prove he was born in Hawaii.

    E-If Hawaii does not have his original birth certificate – it certainly could not have been sent to Obama and certainly could not have been not posted online.

    F-And since Dr Fukino referenced recordS – as in plural – one online jpeg image is not worth anything even if Hawaii vouched that it had sent that particular “document” to Obama.

  7. Not an idiot
    July 20, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Not a birther,

    I’m going to break down some facts for you that are all pulled straight from a state record agency.
    Birth, death, marriage, etc. records are called “vital records” and unsuprisingly handed by the office of vital records in most states. There are two kinds of birth records the office keeps. One is the full birth certificate and the other is a shorter form called the “certificate of live birth”. In order to prove you are naturalized to any federal or state agency, you only need the short form (“certificate of live birth”) because it confirms you were born and where.

    There is a reason that this has been shot down multiple times by multiple courts as “frivolous”.

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