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Wimby’s Marathon

The stuff of legends.

Pheidippides would have proud. Three days, eleven hours and 980 points later, John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut at the Championships- 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68 – in the longest tennis match in history. Beating out extensive classics like the 2008 Federer-Nadal final, Isner-Mahut began on Tuesday (suspended due to darkness), continued into Wednesday (suspended due to darkness) and finally came to a conclusion this afternoon. We’re talking eleven hours tennis people. Now, an average tennis player only runs about a mile in a two hour match. But extrapolate that out over twelve hours (around six miles of fast-twitch muscle cardio), factor in overnight fatigue and add the general pressures of the world’s greatest tennis tournament and you must sit back in awe of what Mssrs. Isner and Mahut accomplished. It’s truly a shame that anyone had to lose. That being said, cheers to the Boston boy Isner. Good luck, keep winning, go USA!

What twelve hours off the tennis court could have gotten John Isner and Nicolas Mahut:

Four viewings of Mel Gibson clad in face paint and kilt in Braveheart.

Roughly fourteen MRIs.

– Three and half replays of last night’s Minnesota Twins-Milwakee Brewers game.

– 2970 continuously microwaved Bagel Bites… I know no one could eat more than three or so, but for the sake of the argument, that is a LOT of Bagel Bites.

–  Five DVR’ed recordings of Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot’s running of the 2010 Boston marathon.

– Eleven listens of any of the following: BBC Newshour, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me or On point with Tom Ashbrook.

– Twenty-two painful episodes of woebegone Friends spinoff Joey… I know what you’re thinking: “Were there even twenty-two episodes of that show Joey?” Yes, yes there were. RIP.

– Finally, and oddly enough, ONE and only one nostalgic replay of their own match.

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