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Cocktails with the Captain.

Blue Weber Agave. It looks so innocent.

From time to time, Cocktail Fodder will present to you a guest author. Someone with a different voice, viewpoint or expertise to keep things fresh and give you a break from your beloved bloggers. “Cocktails with the Captain” will be a weekly segment presenting you with an assortment of new cocktail recipes. Written by our resident renaissance man, bartender, good Samaritan, liquor aficionado and Gamecock – Captain Adam’s recipes will satisfy your happy hour cravings. So without further adieu…

As a neighborhood bartender, I find that people are always coming to me for personal advice. I constantly hear things like, “Hey Adam, how do I ask my guy friend to go camping with me without it being creepy?” “Hey Adam, how can I tell if that cute girl in the office really likes me or if she’s just using me to get to you?” “Hey Adam, what’s an easy and unique cocktail I can serve at my summer cookout to impress all of my friends?”

The answer to all these questions, my friends, can be derived from my favorite tequila product on the market, Don Julio Reposado.

This is the real deal y’all. Don Julio Reposado is 100% Blue Weber Agave, double distilled, and rested in charred oak bourbon barrels (my all time favorite kind of barrel) for up to 11 months. You can find it at most liquor stores for about $45 for a standard 750ml sized bottle – absolutely worth it on a special night for you and your friends. Though it is smooth enough to drink directly on the rocks and certainly makes a delicious margarita, I have become a huge advocate of the Don Julio Reposado Paloma. This cocktail pairs the citrus notes of the Reposado tequila with natural grapefruit juice, a touch of tonic and a generous wedge of lime, making it a perfect go-to refreshment on a hot summer’s day. Here is a simple recipe I managed to get from the Don Julio website for your enjoyment. And, as far as the cute girl in the office goes… she’s probably just using you to get to me. Enjoy!

Reposado Paloma

– 1 ounce Don Julio Reposado

– 2 ounces Grapefruit juice

– 1/2 ounce Grand Marnier Liquer (optional)

– Top with tonic water

– Build in a Collins glass floating the Grand Marnier on top. Garnish with a lime.

  1. June 24, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Captain Adam – I miss you!

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